Alyssa Frampton

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  • Saint Mary's University
  • B.A. Political Science

Current organisation

Multiple. Previously attended OYW with AstraZeneca's Young Health Programme.

Current role

Adolecent Health, Policy, and Engagement

Skills and Expertise

Human rights

Areas of interest

Human Rights
Sustainable Development

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I have helped create a positive change in both my organization and my country by advocating on behalf of young people for inclusion. In my time as a Chair of the Young Canadians Roundtable on Health I fought to give young people a platform to become advocates in their own community, to be leaders for change, to be active participants in their wellness, and now I am leading a project where we have created a platform to mobilize more young people to lobby government for better access to their rights and a voice at the table when it comes to health policy. I work on various other projects that all revolve around working with young people and advocacy to government for health changes and better more youth inclusive policy. I think the biggest change I have driven is leading in the project to research health rights of young people in Canada, and creating a platform that is both informative while giving a space for other young people to get involved in moving their health rights and service access forward. The platform is advocating for the Canadian government to contribute in more ways to move the health agenda for young people forward, and to fix the gaps when it comes to young people being able to use their rights and rake action for their health. As of 2017, the project has reached over 1000 Canadian youth and we have began working with a number of provincial health ministers on how to integrate youth voice in health policy. I have been also supporting advocacy with young people around Bill S228 to stop marketing to kids in Canada, and with the help of many other relentless advocates the bill is now moving through the House and there is an excellent chance we will see new regulations, which will be a win for child health and non-communicable disease prevention.