Maria Luisa Martinez Dibarboure

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  • Universidad de la República
  • 7

Current organisation

Kuelap Inc.

Current role

Director of Innovations and Strategic Partnerships

Skills and Expertise

Information technology
Social entrepreneurship
Social work

Areas of interest

Human Rights
Sustainable Development

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I am passionate about

Have you ever thought in your group of friends and family (and even your self) how many of them had equal access to opportunities, education, rights, salaries, food, health, knowledge, information, freedom, democracy? Every day for long as I can remember, I always take some time of my day and think this: today I ate the food I wanted to eat. I can have proper healthcare. I'm a highly educated woman. I have a roof on top my head. I have a car and a banking account. I can express my thoughts and feelings. I can vote. I can be elected. I can marry whomever I love. I'm safe. But I'm privileged. I'm a white middle-class woman who lives in Uruguay: a 3 million country with free and universal education and healthcare. The most social equality and socially included country in Latin America and which is also one of the most solid democratic countries in the world. But what happens with people who hasn't the same luck as I had? What happens with the thousands of children and woman who are left behind in Uruguay and the millions left behind worldwide? What happens is that there are millions of engaged young people who are change agents who are changing and shaping the world we live in. I consider my self one of those young people. My contribution to this problem is to dedicate my life to social inclusion and youth empowerment. For over eight years, I've been working as a volunteer for several NGOs, providing legal advice and promoting rights to individuals with vulnerable socio-cultural and economic conditions. Since 2013 I'm a Global Shaper, an initiative of World Economic Forum: a community of millennial leaders making impact in their communities. I'm Director of Innovations of Kuelap Inc., an open source digital financial services platform which will bring fast, efficient, transparent ethical and low-cost financial services to the unbanked and poor of the world.


I’m a young, committed woman, always caring for others, and thinking of the next steps on how to solve financial inclusion problems. I am the Director of Innovations and Partnerships at Kuelap, Inc. In where my team calls me ‘a force of nature’, since I am convinced that as part of my generation everybody should be a change agent, improving the state of the world, and doing the little things today that will have an incredible impact tomorrow. I am a problem-solution driven person. Always searching for a way to improve and find a solution to any given problem. I am highly committed towards Social Inclusion, and work to fulfill that vision bringing Financial Inclusion to people all over the world. Prior to Kuelap, I worked at the Mifos Initiative; where I was the Account Manager. The Mifos Initiative is a non-profit open source and free software project, with presence in 37 countries, with more than 500 Finance Institutions using the software and reaching over 6 million final users. I have worked for and committed to projects that promote Social Inclusion as a volunteer for the past decade. As a former Law student, I was involved in projects that included the coordination of legal assistance of the largest free clinic of Uruguay; project deployed by the Student’s Centre of Law School at the Universidad de la República. Since 2013, I am a Global Shaper, an Initiative of the World Economic Forum, which gathers young leaders to create high impact social projects. On 2014, I made the decision to bring my experience, knowledge and, enthusiasm on Social Inclusion to my professional life, and started to work on Financial Inclusion, as the key pillar to overcome poverty around the world. On that regard, I co-founded $ERO, an Electronic Bank for the Base of the Pyramid in Uruguay, which was the first Latin-America startup in obtaining a Central Bank’s banking license.