Francisco Abad

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  • London School of Economics
  • Master of Public Administration in International Development
  • StartingBloc Social Innovation Fellow

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Hult Prize Ecuador

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National Director

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Public policy

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- Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation - Social Project Development - Leadership Development - Community building and youth empowerment - Public Policy After 7 and 1/2 years, I am back in my home Ecuador and I am already working hard to change my country for good. I currently lead Hult Prize Ecuador, work incubating social enterprises and consult on topics like monitoring and evaluation, project design, project evaluation, and business model innovation. After so long, I am able to be back in my region working for my people with a purpose of helping those who can't help themselves with opportunities, access and education. When I did my first community project, I was able to see the poverty many people in my country face and that even though I was poor for the capital's standard, what I went through was nothing in comparison to what people in various provinces face. Ecuador has now changed, but we still have a lot of work to do!


Through my work as incubation facilitator, I work with 9 social enterprises helping them settle, grow and increase their impact! As Hult Prize Ecuador Director, I empower university students to create the social enterprises of the future. Finally, as a social entrepreneur, I'm working to educate unprivileged youth in tech and give them personal development and family planning tools. Before coming back to Ecuador, in London, apart from founding and leading the LSE SU Social Innovation Society and working as a social business consultant with Nairobits Trust in Kenya to help them developing a sustainable business model, I was part of the organizing team of SOS Ecuador, a fund raising campaign for the victims of the earthquake in Ecuador that has left more than 650 deaths and thousands injured. In April 2016, a 7.8 Richter scale earthquake stroke my beautiful home country, Ecuador! I felt like I wanted to buy the next plane ticket to Ecuador and go help on the ground! However, with our student network in the UK, we were able to organize ourselves and create a massive decentralized campaign to collect funds to help the emergency disaster relief fund. We got full support and endorsement from our Embassy in the UK and got to work. Our initial goal was £8,000, but we reached £10,000 in less than 12 hours! We stretched our goal to £50,000 and in less than 6 days, we had collected more than £25,000 (half way through our goal)!