Luciana Vilar Denardi

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  • University of Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Instituto de Empresa (Spain)
  • Bachelor in Economics (USP) and Executive MBA (IE)

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Financial Planner for ANZ Luxury Division

Skills and Expertise

Food security
Strategic planning
Women’s rights

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Sustainable Development

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I am absolutely passionate about equality and all the ramifications it entails. Not only because being a woman in finance makes me a minority, but having worked and lived in different countries and exchanged with many different cultures showed me how long the road towards gender equality actually is (be that relating to equal opportunities and pay, violence, society-imposed roles, health or education). I was born and raised in Brazil, a country in which society perceives men as superior by condoning traditions that objectify women (e.g. Carnaval). As in many other South American countries, there is a rape culture that blames the rape victim for wearing a short skirt; or penalizes a male rapist by committing violence against his sister. I grew up with gender-biased beliefs that I no longer have. However, many compatriot women still have that bias without realizing it: Brazilian president, Temer, held a speech on International Women’s Day that could only praise women for their ability to check supermarket prices. I support HeForShe (, as we imperatively must engage men in this battle towards equality, to remove the stigma around the word “feminism” that too often is associated with “man-hating”. As Emma Watson nicely put in her famous UN speech, “Feminism by definition is: The belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. It is the theory of the political, economic and social equality of the sexes.” For those reasons I strive to walk the talk every day, no matter where I live.


A couple of years ago I realized it is literally in our hands to work towards equality and insertion if we want to create positive change while leading by example. So I joined my company’s Community Charity Consulting, and led a team to help a fair trade shop, that sold fantastic fair-trade products (from fashion to food), remain in business, as 40 years they were struggling to keep their doors open (in spite of 75% of the workforce being volunteers). We revamped their webpage and their social media presence to engage the community, and created partnerships with businesses to stabilize revenue streams (such as agree that company Christmas baskets were created from a combination of the shop’s products). With that intervention, Cap Indigo ( – a branch of Caritas Geneve – is still in business today. I am also passionate about food and sustainable production. While living in Geneva, I participated in food drives called “Samedi du Partage” that helped the elderly and disadvantaged people in our community. In Sydney, I advocated for the "YES" campaign for Marriage Equality that has now triggered a change in the law. I also support OzHarvest (, the leading food rescue organization in Australia, collecting quality excess food from commercial outlets and delivering it direct to more than 900 charities who support people in need across Australia. Because I love cooking, I will soon volunteer at a restaurant in Sydney called “Lentils as anything” which provides a wholesome and nutritious meal to anyone, where money is not a concern.