Nousheen Nower Zoarder

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  • University of Dhaka
  • LLB (Honors) Class of 2017
  • DELF B2; Earth Champions Fellow 2011

Current organisation

Queen's Young Leaders Programme

Current role

Advisory Panelist

Skills and Expertise

Climate change
Human rights
International relations

Areas of interest

Human Rights
Interfaith Dialogue
Peace and Conflict
Sustainable Development

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I am passionate about

Climate change is the biggest challenge the world is currently facing. With the increasing temperature, melting ice caps, rising sea levels and consequent erratic weather patterns and seasonal shift, the existence of low-lying coastal countries is at stake. We are already late in taking intensive action to combat the impacts of climate change. But all isn’t lost. I am deeply invested in environmental protection and sustainable living, because our present and our future depend on it. I am finding my way to change the existing grim narrative of climate change and educate the common man what it really is and what our roles are in changing the devastating realities to come.


As an Advisory Panelist of the Queen’s Young Leaders Programme, I make recommendation to the Executive Board of the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust to select the Awardees and Runners Up for the Award. In the last two years, the most rewarding aspect of my work in the QYLP has been seeing 120 young leaders from across the commonwealth develop their leadership capacities, scale up their projects and intensify their impact in their respective communities. I'm currently the Editor-In-Chief of Dhaka Law Review, the first of its kind student run publication in Bangladesh that provides law students, academicians, and professionals a novel and accessible platform to showcase their work and thoughts. The organization publishes authors from all over and a team of 7 excellent editors ensure the impartiality of the pieces published. I’ve worked with Bangladesh Youth Environmental Initiative (BYEI), a youth led nonprofit capacity building organization, for five years since 2011. Through the organization, I’ve trained high school students on the basics of climate change and sustainability and equipped them with skills to design and implement community development projects that aim to resolve local issues. Through the organization, I have also trained students on effective communication and rapport building to engage their focus groups in their projects.