Emmanuele Marie Parra

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  • Far Eastern University

Current organisation

Thomson Reuters

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Publishing Specialist

Areas of interest

Human Rights
Peace and Conflict
Sustainable Development

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I am passionate about

I am an active volunteer, both inside and outside of our company and I am also an anti-human trafficking advocate in the Philippines. My passion for volunteering started when I visited a slum area in Tondo in 2014 and it made me realized that there are many people who don't have access to quality education, proper housing, and people who are suffering from hunger and poverty, so from then on, I became eager to help others in any way that I could. And my advocacy against human trafficking started when I joined Thomson Reuters Foundation as an Ambassador, and it opened my eyes to the harsh reality that human trafficking is a big issue in our county and that we need to put an end to it.


I am one of the officers of Thomson Reuters Manila Volunteers Council, a Business Resource Group in Philippines that encourages employees to champion Corporate Social Responsibility through volunteerism for social, environmental and educational causes. We organized various volunteer activities and workshops for our adopted community. I am also an anti-human trafficking advocate in the Philippines where I work at Visayan Forum Foundation, an NGO in the Philippines that aims to fight human trafficking and end modern day slavery. We are committed in innovating lasting solutions to end exploitation. We are also helping the victims of slavery to heal and turn them to survivor through providing them with psycho social, educational and legal support.