Jesus David Tabares Valencia

Country representing





  • Sergio Arboleda University
  • BA in Politics and International Affairs

Current organisation

IBM Colombia

Current role

Corporate Citizenship Leader

Skills and Expertise

International relations
Public policy

Areas of interest

Peace and Conflict
Sustainable Development

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I am passionate about


I am in the process of creating and launching an open innovation platform for young professionals from different peripheral regions of Colombia, which helps local communities present their issues as challenges for interdisciplinary teams of highly skilled people in the diaspora so that they build innovative solutions that can then be funded by donors or governments. The tentative name for the initiative is Manos por mi Región (Hands for my Region) and aims to re-connect talented people who left their homelands to study and work and the issues of their communities, countering the effects of brain drain while being sensitive of the current impossibilities for these highly skilled professionals to re-settle in their hometowns. The challenges on the platform can stretch from local public infrastructure, pedagogy reform and new materials and engineering research, to cultural promotion, income generation, transparency and local government. As problem-identificators, problem-solvers and solution-funders are brought together, conditions are created for an eventual return of highly skilled professionals in fair remuneration conditions to their homelands. To better lead this initiative I am pursuing a Masters in Interdisciplinary Development Studies in Bogotá, thanks to a scholarship awarded by the Governor's Office of Guaviare and the national public research agency, Colciencias. This new knowledge is helping me understand how to integrate disciplines and foster inclusive, sustainable development in the regional and local levels.