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I am passionate about being a change maker in my own right. I believe in empowering the African Girl child and women in my community and the world at large. I am very passionate about how I can enhance the law to reflect the changes in culture and put an end to discriminative and harmful practices that are still encountered in some areas in Kenya. I am an avid believer in democracy and the rule of law and strive to encourage the youth especially to know and understand their rights and civic duty to vote in competent leadership. I love blogging and being a big sister to teenage girls in rural areas of Kenya. I try to fit all this in my teenage mentorship program which I run.


To create a positive change, I run my own blog where I highlight various issues and opinions objectively. I try and highlight legal jargon in the most basic terms understandable to lay persons-key among them include the newly promulgated Kenyan constitutions and the gains Kenyan women have been entitled to. I also run my own mentorship program dubbed “Sisterhood” that aims to empower and uplift the Kenyan teens in rural areas. The project has since expanded to target boys’ schools and schools in the city and its environs.Todate Sisterhood has had direct impact with 1500 young teenagers excluding contact with the blog. I believe you are never too young or too poor to make a difference in the world tomorrow.