Kieron Joseph Samaroo

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Trinidad and Tobago




  • University of the West Indies
  • Master of Science in Strategic Leadership and Management (award pending); Bachelor of Science in Political Science and Communication

Skills and Expertise

Social media

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At present, I am a radio-based political commentator, and I am humbled to co-host one of the leading talk shows in my country. In this role, I hold government, political parties and civil leaders to account, many times interviewing Ministers of Government, Members of the Opposition, and senior leaders throughout the public, private and civil sectors. I am passionate about using this medium to promote discussion on both problems and possible solutions to the issues raised through maintaining a balanced, facts-based dialogue of possible solutions to these issues. We also maintain an effort to share this radio-based platform for individuals and organizations to highlight causes and concerns in the interest of sharing our media-based spotlight. I recently served as part of the planning committee for the One Young World Caribbean Caucus. I chaired the Caucus, which saw representatives from across the Caribbean attend and share their stories, their work, their resources and future ways of engagement. I am looking to towards developing this platform in my role as Coordinating Ambassador for the Region. I formerly served as the Chairman of the Youth Congress of the Congress of the People, a political party in my homeland of Trinidad and Tobago. In that role, I coordinated the affairs of the members of the Party aged between 13 to 35 years. The engagement of youth at that level led to policy formation, increased youth representation throughout the Party and training and development for young people aspiring to enter the fields of political and community leadership. For my Master of Science degree, I chose to study the impact of social media on politics in Trinidad and Tobago. I chose this topic as I believe that role of social media as a political phenomenon in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean. I intend to further studies in this area since social media has revolutionized society and since technology must be integrated to improve opportunity and access.