Hanin Hazeem

Country representing

United Arab Emirates




  • American University of Sharjah - Interior designer
  • Bachelors

Current organisation


Current role

Co-founder and designer

Skills and Expertise

Graphic design
Product design

Areas of interest

Human Rights
Youth Unemployment

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I am passionate about


The MENA region is full of aspiring youth with spectacular ideas and sense of responsibility. However, the escalating environmental, political and humanitarian challenges, they end up driven away from their full potentials. Me as a Jordanian with Palestinian routes who was born in the UAE since 1994, I got the chance to interact with a lot of people with different perspectives and points of views. I studied with students from all over the world with more than 80 nationalities, which gave me the opportunity to develop a skill of acceptance of everyone. I would like to be the coordinating ambassador not only because it has been my dream since I attended my first summit in Joburg 2013 but because I know that I can represent the youth of the MENA region and help training them to be the role models of the whole world. I am a designer with high skills of analytical thinking that helps in questioning everything with minimal biases. I used to be a very shy child with minimal desire of communication with people. However, I trained myself to get out of my comfort zone into the real world that needs interaction and expression of opinion. Although I have been very busy studying and working during my university life, I managed to be the representative of the interior design department, win the active student award at AUS three times in a row, be a team leader at the leadership program at AUS, start the extensive research of my own business and graduate with a cumlaude. Multitasking in one of the skills that I have been developing since high school and it has been rewarding until now! Moreover, I enjoy talking to people and arranging events that have a purpose. I always say that if I wasn’t a designer, I would’ve loved to be in the public relations or mass communication fields.