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Social Entrepreneur & lecturer

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Human rights
Social entrepreneurship

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Human Rights
Peace and Conflict

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Personal growth is very important to me. To be able to expand my knowledge for me to me bring back everything I have been taught and seen abroad, to Iraq and our youth there. Because I am very passionate about social entrepreneurship I feel I have strong leadership skills and I am always looking for new ways to expand myself, learn and to grow. These are some notes I speak about when I try to contribute to development among the younger generation in Kurdistan. I am hoping I have been able through my lectures, to even inspire one child to know that your voice is valid in this society you are a part of. Ever since the war broke out with ISIS I have been more active within the field Human rights. My passion in general has grown tremendously as the things I have learnt from these people are things and stories I take with me wherever I go. I believe children are our most important resource and therefor we need to work on providing those effected by war, with education. To educate them and guide them towards a better tomorrow! If we do not start shaping them how are they going to shape our future?