Taffan Ako Taha

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Social Entrepreneur & lecturer

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Human rights
Social entrepreneurship
Women’s rights

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Human Rights
Peace and Conflict

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I decided to move to Kurdistan at the age of 18 to put my passion for human rights, education and leadership into work. Coming back has provided me with many opportunities and I truly do get to give back to the Kurdish community in so many ways. However after 3 years in Kurdistan I am now able to put a lot of my passion to work in Sweden as well as we face the worst refugee crisis ever since world war II. My goal is to get Kurdistan and the humanitarian crisis recognized internationally as much as I can and fight intolerance and break social barriers for those who seek protection Europe. I try to hold seminars and lectures every now and then in Europe about Kurdistan and in Kurdistan I speak about a lot of the things I was raised with in Sweden to give people perspective from both sides. I am extremely passionate about human rights in general and use my social media and journalism as a way to reach out to raise awareness, create debates and exchange thoughts among the youths of my country. I actively work with assisting refugees and women who fled ISIS the past year and a half.


Personal growth is very important to me. To be able to expand my knowledge for me to me bring back everything I have been taught and seen abroad, to Iraq and our youth there. Because I am very passionate about social entrepreneurship I feel I have strong leadership skills and I am always looking for new ways to expand myself, learn and to grow. These are some notes I speak about when I try to contribute to development among the younger generation in Kurdistan. I am hoping I have been able through my lectures, to even inspire one child to know that your voice is valid in this society you are a part of. Ever since the war broke out with ISIS I have been more active within the field Human rights. My passion in general has grown tremendously as the things I have learnt from these people are things and stories I take with me wherever I go. I believe children are our most important resource and therefor we need to work on providing those effected by war, with education. To educate them and guide them towards a better tomorrow! If we do not start shaping them how are they going to shape our future?