Itinterunga Rae Bainteiti

Country representing





  • Fiji National University
  • Diploma in Business Studies

Current organisation

Kiribati Children Campaigners Network

Current role

Founder and Chairman

Skills and Expertise

Climate change
Human rights

Areas of interest

Youth Unemployment

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I am passionate about


I chose to work with talented young people who are drop out of school who were left from the education system in Kiribati. Since the establishment of the Kiribati Children Campaigners Network in late 2013, there youth voice have been utilized in composing/tailoring of advocacy and awareness programmes, making them employable. Volunteerism was introduced as a key to youth development. Capacity building programmes also allowed members to attend regional and international capacity building programmes, for the first time. Our first campaign in 2014 was on Climate Change which has contributed to the voice of young people on atoll nations to World Leaders at the global level. 22 youth of the KCCN traveled to the Republic of Marshal Islands to form a Coalition of Youth of Atoll Nations on Climate Change that allowed young people of the two nations to share their plight and to work closely on joint advocacy to take youth pleas to World Leaders. With increasing number of youth engaged in programmes, there has been a reduced in social problems in general and an increased in global advocacy on Climate Change, Poverty, Health through music.