Heruka Kumararatne

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  • Carleton University
  • Mindtrust Leadership Development Program Graduate

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Senior Accountant/Consultant

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Event planning
Social entrepreneurship

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A miscellany of life experiences have led me to commit a significant portion of my time to the following life‐long objective: To empower my peers and younger generations to develop leadership skills and embrace the spirit of entrepreneurship to help improve our global community one innovative initiative/project at a time. Growing up in multiple countries of varying socio‐political climates (Italy, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Canada) and attending global conferences such as One Young World (OYW) and the Enactus World Cup have provided me with the opportunity to learn from locals, from various regions in the world, about issues impacting their local ecosystem and the initiatives taken by young leaders in pursuit of solving these issues. These set of experiences have given me a truly unique and optimistic perspective on actions and initiatives that can be taken to solve local, national and global issues. I believe education, mentorship and collaborative environments are crucial elements that are needed to build world class leaders and initiatives/organizations that can create positive change.


I have been fortunate to have many opportunities to create positive changes in my community. First, as a mentor in Enactus’ (formerly SIFE – Students In Free Enterprise) ‘I C Change’ program during my time at university, I guided high school students in creating meaningful and sustainable entrepreneurial projects which benefited their local community. Second, I have been involved with Mindtrust, the premier leadership development program in Canada's capital region for undergraduate & post graduate students. Through Mindtrust, I have played a part in helping young leaders learn and develop new skills and attain leadership experiences that will help them on their leadership journey. Third, I am on the executive committee of TiE’s Ottawa Chapter that organizes one of Canada's premier entrepreneurship conferences, TiECon Canada; The Indus Entrepreneur (TiE) is the largest association of entrepreneurs in the world. I am also on the executive committee of Ottawa's Product Hunt Chapter; Product Hunt, a group founded in Silicon Valley, provides meetups for entrepreneurs, investors and builders to showcase new innovations and technology being developed. Through TiE & Product Hunt I hope to provide young entrepreneurs with the knowledge, tools and guidance to start their ventures in the hopes of being a catalyst of opportunity on their route to economic empowerment.