Mandy Muchnick (Benjamin)

Country representing

South Africa




  • University of Cape Town
  • Business Science Finance & Accounting as well as Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting (PGDA)

Current organisation

Oakmont Capital

Current role

Private Equity Transactor

Skills and Expertise

Project management
Social entrepreneurship

Areas of interest

Sustainable Development
Youth Unemployment

Website & Social Links

I am passionate about


Co-Founder and Co-CEO of a non-profit, imagine.nation. We focus on change through education across the following spectrums: 1. Social entrepreneurship Aim: Impart our knowledge and passion for business via a social entrepreneurship programme that empowers unemployed would-be bread winners to provide for their families; 2. Tech education Aim: Lower the barriers to quality education through implementing and monitoring the world-renowned Khan Academy in orphanages in some of South Africa’s least privileged areas; 3. Formative year education and early stage upliftment Aim: Create safe, healthy learning environments by building classrooms and providing curriculum support. Formative year education is of critical importance yet access to quality material in a healthy learning environment is a rarity in rural South Africa. My passion in this area led me to wanting to build safe, healthy learning environments for the children aged 3-6 years old. Since attending One Young World in 2015, I have built the first two crèches and look forward to many more in the future.