Gbolade Okeowo

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  • University of Hull
  • LLB Law
  • MBA, Barrister & Solicitor of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and CFA Level 1

Current organisation

Standard Chartered Bank

Current role

Mergers & Acquisitions Associate

Skills and Expertise

Social entrepreneurship
Women’s rights

Areas of interest

Sustainable Development
Youth Unemployment

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I am passionate about

I am most passionate about creating the right environment and ambience to inspire and energise young people to positive action using different types of carefully organised group activities. I focus on young children and women. Why young children? i. I am a direct product of thought provoking conversations with passionate teachers, engaging life stories narrated by interesting people and a variety of visually engaging materials like books, magazines and music videos. The power these seemingly ubiquitous items have in moulding a child’s outlook on life, I feel, is grossly underestimated; and ii. I find it interesting to relate to the unfiltered imagination and emotions of young children If we can strategically create a system that focuses on teaching young children how to filter out the “naughty” elements from the media content they are exposed to, and begin to focus on courage, creativity, hard work, persistence and respect for others in their early years, we will succeed in nurturing realistic, confident, problem solvers that will grow to provide creative solutions to pressing global threats and issues. Why women? i. The imbalance in stereotypes and mind sets of what society expects of women in my part of Africa has long been a clog in the wheel of our progress. I believe that there is a direct correlation in economic prosperity (GDP growth) and the liberty of women to pursue their dreams ii. Hosting young women from different backgrounds for a shared cause, carefully inciting rich conversations and catalysing networking has a profound impact on their self confidence and inspiration for increased productivity. This also has a spill over contagious effect on the men.


I am the founder of a fast growing book club, ‘Outliers Lagos’ (“Outliers”). The club is focused on self awareness and networking with the primary objective of connecting young professionals through thoughtful conversations centred on the knowledge found in select books and documentaries. Club members are encouraged to apply what they've learned to their daily lives. We focus on creating an environment that ensures knowledge sharing, ideation and nurtured partnerships amongst the participants. We have over 50 active participants. Thus far we have interacted with over 300 young adults and children in a mentorship, career talk and orphanage outreach capacity. Under the Outliers Lagos umbrella and Standard Chartered ‘here for good’ employee volunteering campaign, I engage with orphanages and schools to organise mentorship and motivational talks for students. I also volunteer with a religious organisation with the objective to propel students to be “Rock Stars with Integrity” within their community. Outliers Lagos is now in its third year and the current President is a 26 year old Nigerian woman. We have built Outliers on commitment to use dynamic social platforms to create awareness among a new generation of future leaders. It is growing at a remarkable pace and its potential of influence especially on the young African generation, is unlimited.