Theerawit Chainarongsophon

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  • Willy Brandt School of Public Policy, University of Erfurt
  • Master's Degree

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Sustainable Development

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Having been worked with different roles in different organizations, I have contribute positive changes in varied issues. What contribute vigorous impact and what I am most engaged with is my current project to develop a global platform to connect local people and traveler together to enhance experiences and change the way of traveling of travelers around the world. Travelers around the world can be connected together based on interest and personality. This would also help shorten time of searching travel information as well as make solo traveler more exciting. My interest in driving change is not only in changing the way people travel, but also in transforming education of my country. Having engaged in formal and informal education system of Thailand, I found out that the country is endowed with good human resources. Though learning mindset and attitude of many Thai students still lacks motivation and passion in education. Having inspiration to change attitude and to drive better mindset of young people in my country, I establish an educational consulting and coaching institution, aimed to inspire Thai young students to have clear goals in learning and to find out most appropriate career for them. Moreover my institution would provide coaching on English skills as it is one of the most empowering tools in career nowadays. Even though the institution is newly established, it achieved its goals in changing motivate Thai students to have clear goals and to pursue their career dreams. And even the impact is still marginal in term of scale, I am determined in driving the impact to have more scale in the future.