Anna Dona-Hie

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  • EDHEC Business School, France
  • Master of Science in Strategy, Organization and Consultancy
  • Master in Business Management, Grande Ecole Channel

Current organisation

Monitor Deloitte

Current role

Coordinating Ambassador for Europe 1 | Senior consultant in Strategy

Skills and Expertise

Project management
Social entrepreneurship
Strategic planning

Areas of interest

Youth Unemployment

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I am passionate about

I am very self-committed, always mobilized to face professional challenges and to personally serve the community. I have been extremely lucky to have benefited from education, comfort, modernity, a caring circle, but I am also passionate about community service and helping others that may not have benefited from the same luck. Our contemporary world faces many unedited problems such as youth unemployment and I am engaged in always acting, reacting, keeping myself informed of global challenges, never being resigned, never taking anything for granted. Hence, while working as a management consultant at Monitor Deloitte, participating in the One Young World Forum team has been a great opportunity to ally the interest I have in my job with the passion I have on society topics and helping others.


While working on youth unemployment, I have developed several actions for Deloitte professionals in Paris to help young people through the first education oriented social network, forums, actions in high schools... This was made possible thanks to an amazing OYW team at Deloitte France and great support from our management. First, we met with many stakeholders involved in this topic in France – from teachers to foundations and associations – to make a thorough diagnosis and segment the issue. We then realized that many great projects existed but that they remained local and mostly based on individual initiatives. Therefore we concluded that the best way for us to have an impact that matters was to support an existing external project. Deloitte's knowledge of people and of companies, its organizational and methodological knowledge, its broad internal and external networks could be used to leverage existing projects and scale them up. Hence the team offered to cooperate with two programs: the first one enabling 12,500 young people to contact 1,800 professionals in many companies through an open social network in order for them to discover real jobs and the paths leading to them; the second, to familiarize teachers with the world of corporations and enable them to be the go-between education and employment.