Fonthip Watcharaporn

Country representing





  • Mahidol Uiversity
  • Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)

Current organisation

Mahidol University/Nudmor

Current role

Researcher assistant at Mahidol University Global Health(MUGH)

Skills and Expertise

Human rights
Public policy

Areas of interest

Human Rights
Sustainable Development

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I have created a lot of positive changes in my country especially in case of public health and education. Public health - Design platform and be the project manager of Village Health Model to help people in the rural area - Design the online appointment platform helping improve quality of the health services - Being a volunteer in exploring and gathering people's health data in many provinces of Thailand. To elaborate, the health facilitators will bring those data to analyze and synthesize the health situations and launch the measures that can help improve people's quality of life. - Designing health innovation, "my style diary", a user-friendly and interactive diary that help modify people's lifestyle in healthier way - Joining "Club Young Fit", held by Future Innovative Thailand Institute (FIT), which is the stage that allow the youth who have passions and great ideas to present their ideas in reforming Thailand in all aspects. I and my team pass into the final round with many projects, such as smoking, violence and the handicapped. Finally, we won in presenting the project about how to reform and improve quality of life of the handicapped. In addition, our team is also the winner in the champ of the champ round, presenting about how to reform the health systems of Thailand. - Joining "Redesigning Thailand 2 Project" held by Thailand Development Research Institute, TDRI). At that time, I had to simulate myself being the minister of public health and presented about how to reform the health service systems of Thailand and help our people access the health systems equally and efficiently. Education - Being the coach with "Little Builders", social enterprise that aims and shapes children to be proud and believe in their abilities so that they can become potential adults in the future. -A volunteer teacher via Saturday school project at Phian Phin Anuson School. I educated children about design thinking and inspired them dare to think creatively.