Emma Powell

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United Kingdom




  • University of Bath
  • BA (Hons) Education with Psychology

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University of Bath

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Undergraduate Student

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Social media

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Human Rights
Youth Unemployment

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I hope in future to be more active within these areas. I am beginning in the United Kingdom, where I am working next year at the University of Oxford as a research assistant in their department of Education. There, I will be carrying out research on literacy learning and school architecture to try and maximise the schooling experience for children here in the UK. I hope to take what I learn from this research further afield in future, possibly tackling the architecture and building spaces of schools around the world to bring the best out of every child. I will also be researching how the home environment can affect a child's attainment. I hope to expand the ways in which people see how Education can take place in the everyday environment when engaged with correctly. I hope by having the chance to attend the summit I will be able to be involved in more conversations regarding this topic and build up a greater understanding of the views of the Education system from all around the world.