Maddison Hawkins

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  • Bond University
  • Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts

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Current role

Media and Communications Coordinator

Skills and Expertise

Copy writing
Event planning
Public relations

Areas of interest

Human Rights
Interfaith Dialogue

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I am passionate about

I'm passionate about the power of women - I grew up with sisters, an amazing mother and attended an all girls school, so I've always been raised to believe that girls can do and be anything they want. I'm passionate about passing on that privilege and confidence that I have always had instilled in me. I'm interested in helping to empower women, not only to be free of the cognitive roadblocks that often stand between them and success, but also on a grander scale, but to support and promote all other women. I'm also passionate about mental illness. I believe the stigma that surrounds mental illness can be crippling, preventing so many people from accessing the support they need. I'm passionate about removing that stigma, and also removing the stigma that surrounds requiring medication to treat mental illnesses. Many communities don't have the conversational framework to discuss and recognise mental illness openly. I want to help people to access a wide range of tools that could ultimately improve the quality of their lives without fear of shame.


Since participating in Endeavour Foundation doorknocks through highschool, I have always tried to use my skills to contribute to my communities. When working at Disney, I joined their VoluntEars program, allowing me to assist the Give Kids The World Foundation, by spending evenings with terminally ill children, while their parents took the night off. I also participated in The Heart Foundation’s fun run as part of that program. I love running, so I have also been involved in creating positive change through running fundraisers, especially for Alzheimers Australia, a cause close to my heart. I believe communication is the best way to connect with communities, and as a result I have been involved in many publications that have allowed me to reach directly into the communities I'm a part of. I have also volunteered my time, with charities such as the Westpac foundation, to use my public relations skills to create campaigns in order to widen the reach of these worthy organisations.