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Human Rights
Peace and Conflict

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From a very young age, I have always been an animal lover. As an adult, I am the proud guardian of an American Pit Bull Terrier rescued from a local humane society. Due to the immediate bond we shared and my desire to share her love with those around us, I have dedicated my personal time to training her as a therapy dog. It is my desire to share with my community the love and passion these dogs have to bring and work to end stigma and breed restriction bans that are placed on this breed. To date, my dog has passed all levels of certification by the American Kennel Club to certify her as a therapy animal. Additionally, she has been placed on a nationally recognized therapy and crisis response team called The Go Team Therapy Dogs. Not only does she attend events and parades to show off her skills, we frequent hospitals and adult living facilities to provide comfort to the patients and residents. If called upon in an emergency, she will work alongside first responders to service those displaced into shelters or hospitals. Far too many dogs in the United State are left homeless, abandoned, in shelters or killed simply for being born the wrong breed. Due to the actions of a few who decided to take advantage of the loyalty, love and willingness to please of this breed through abuse, neglect and harm, hundreds of thousands of animals are left to suffer in this stigma. It is my mission to share with my community the truth about this breed and seek to overturn discriminatory breed restrictions in cities.


Twice a month I take my dog to a local Alzheimer’s facility to spend quality time with the residents. Often many of the residents are already in the living room or kitchen awaiting the arrival of the dogs. We make our way to each person spending a few minutes sitting next to, talking to and getting to know one another all while getting licks and pets from the therapy dogs. One memorable weekend reminded me why it is so important to give back to our community and respect those around us. There is a gentleman who, due to advanced age and depression, has withdrawn into himself no longer speaking much to those around him. For an hour my dog patiently sat next to his wheel chair and allowed him to place his hands on her head and very slowly scratch between the ears. Two other residents sat nearby holding hands and wiping away tears knowing the happiness this was bringing this man. I try to remember the valuable lessons my dog has taught me- love unconditionally, be loyal and faithful, and remember to always sit close and listen to those around you.