Tala Dajani

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  • Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London
  • BA Product Design

Current organisation

Reckitt Benckiser

Current role

Global Senior Brand Manager / Coordinating Ambassador @OYWLondon

Skills and Expertise

Graphic design
Product design
Project management

Areas of interest

Peace and Conflict
Sustainable Development

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I am passionate about

Working for a global business, I am extremely passionate about proving first hand the impact a Global business can have in leading and influencing social change around the world. Since OYW in Ottawa I have been working with a group of young passionate leaders in RB by championing a movement we created called Impact Now with the ambition of bringing to life our purpose at RB to help Impact 1 million families by 2020. Outside of work, I have been volunteering as a Coordinating Ambassador for One Young World in London. I am passionate about bringing together the ambassador community and the strength of the network in supporting one another but also working together on an initiative or cause. Outside the annual summit, I'm engaged with keeping the energy and momentum of the summit and ensuring the new delegates and ambassador community are inspired and engaged with leading purpose. Within the European network, we have launched 2 regional caucus events this year with a 3rd upcoming event in London on the 18th of November.


Within RB, I have been working with a group of ambassadors on launching IMPACT NOW, a global purpose lead movement, bringing to life our company purpose of Healthier Lives, Happier Homes and ensuring every employee engages with our purpose to drive an impact externally in the world. The IMPACT NOW movement was launched with 3 core initiatives: The Purpose Council: A group of passionate young RB leaders with the ambition to inspire and further drive purpose-led business and social decisions and continue to scale Impact Now. Give Time: is a new volunteering program that ensures everyone in the business has the opportunity of 2 paid volunteering days per year to engage with our purpose The Impact Accelerator invests and scales innovative solutions from social entrepreneurs driving an initiative that resonates with our purpose. Internally, IMPACT NOW engages all 40,000 employees of RB with our purpose. As Coordinating ambassador in London, I have been working on bringing the London network together every few weeks to discuss different issues & topics. For example, I have been working with a group of 12 OYW ambassadors in the last few months on an advise document for businesses to initiate a policy to eliminate domestic abuse. The collaboration and diverse skill set available within the ambassador community is a real example of the strength of the OYW network and how these passionate young leaders are leading change. At the moment, I am helping organise the European One Young World Caucus happening in London on the 18th of November. The caucus will bring together 80 - 100 ambassadors from Europe to discuss 4 key topics.