Laura Fatio

Country representing





  • University of Zurich
  • Bachelor of Arts in Social Science
  • Geography

Current organisation

Educando by Worldfund

Current role

Communications Coordinator

Skills and Expertise

Data analysis
International relations
Social work

Areas of interest

Peace and Conflict
Sustainable Development

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I am passionate about

I am currently working for an organisation called Educando by Worldfund, which is a non-profit devoted to improve education in Latin America. This conveys exactly what I am ultimately passionate about: helping others. From early age I recall making myself available to help family members and friends when they needed. Rather that was assisting my father at work, or repairing something at home, helping a friend study for an exam, or accompanying my grandmother to the doctor. Being able to dedicate my time to the people that I love and care for has always been a pleasure and priority to me, and one of my key personality traits. Throughout the years, this passion has only intensified and I got involved in a variety of volunteer activities, mostly in low-income communities, specially in nursing homes and orphanages. I participated in social trips to visit poor communities, trips to distribute gifts to underprivileged children on children's day and to indigenous tribes, construction of emergency homes, distribution of food and care to homeless people, work on socioeconomic vulnerable communities in São Paulo, and charity bazaars to fundraise for refugees. Additionally, I am passionate about meeting new people and getting in touch with other cultures. I truly appreciate listening to others’ stories and getting inspired by new ideas. I enjoy travelling to new places and becoming as involved in the culture as I possibly can while there. Befriending locals and learning about their ways of living is what makes travelling one of my passions. My goal as an OYW Ambassador is to get to know young adults who share this interest in helping others and are devoted to changing the world. I want to constantly learn and be inspired by experienced and innovative minds and share new knowledge and ideas in my country to impact the communities I engage in.


I have volunteered in various organisations. One example was at ADUS, an institute that helps refugees to integrate in our community and enter the labor market. I also have a catering project with a friend, where we bring Syrian female refugees to events to fundraise for their families. I worked for a project at UNDP's International Policy Center for Inclusive Growth on income inequality and the role of taxes and cash transfers. It was an extremely rewarding experience to be involved in such an important document of policy recommendations for social protection for developing countries. I also lead a project together with my life partner - the Awaken Love Channel - a plarform of communication focused only on good news. Our goal is to spread positivity, share good practices and sustaianble projects, creating a network of passionate and engaged people that want to change the world.