Maria Villela

Country representing

Costa Rica




  • University of Costa Rica
  • B.A. in English with a Minor in Translation
  • Technical Degree in Translation and Interpretation

Current organisation

Western Union

Current role

Instructional Designer

Skills and Expertise

Project management
Social work
Teaching and training

Areas of interest

Human Rights

Website & Social Links

I am passionate about

I am passionate about inspiring young people to become change agents and leaders and also about helping them reach their goals. I think that this can be achieved by connecting people to causes and their purposes and by creating platforms for young leaders to tell their stories. I believe that, through the power of our stories, we can inspire and empower more young people to become change agents.


Most recently, as a Coordinating Ambassador, my work has been focused on bringing visibility to the work our ambassadors are leading to bring positive change to the world. Through events and communications, I help them spread the word about what they are doing and why they are passionate about those causes. My goals are to allow young leaders to tell their stories, connect them with opportunities and organizations to help them amplify their impact, and to make sure other young people can be inspired by them.