Training the next generation of coders

In an increasingly digital age, Ambassador Waseem Abu Salem of Israel is ensuring young students are equipped with the right skills. 

Diversity is the answer to high performance

Managing Director for Thomson Reuters Africa, Sneha Shah, on how diversity fosters innovation, flexibility and better long-term profitability. 

Reporting from Venezuela: a Q&A with Carlos Vargas

With Venezuela embroiled in crisis, Ambassador Carlos Vargas provides an inside view on what is developing in the country. 

"It’s time to rise up," says Vincentian poet activist

Ambassador, teacher and poet Dillon Ollivierre shares a poem on activism and facilitating change.

Why the mental health system really needs to innovate

Alicia Raimundo calls on leaders attending the World Economic Forum to invest in mental health as part of a responsible approach to leadership.

It's OK to be OK: A View on Talent Management

Intrapreneur Tim Heard addresses the issue of talent retention and the need for talent development points.

Post-Conflict Misery: 25 Years of Internal Displacement in Georgia

One Young World has done it again: I am re-energised, inspired & empowered

After attending her second One Young World Summit, Coordinating Ambassador Florence Masetla maps her journey from Bangkok to Ottawa.

Demand is high but equality is in short supply all over the world

From “data exhaust” to “data-driven”: how can we use Big Data for Social Good?