One Young World London - Impossible to Ignore on World Refugee Day

One Young World Coordinating Ambassador Charlie Oliver discusses a community collaboration to mark World Refugee Day.

Turkey: World’s biggest refugee country

Burak Kocamis analyses Turkey's role in the refugee crisis facing the world today. 

UN Commission Declares Eritrea's Officials Committed Crimes Against Humanity Since 1991

Meron Semedar takes a look at the crimes against humanity recorded in the UN Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea's second report.

Rediscovering Brazil: An outline of what is happening in Latin America's largest country

South American Ambassadors collaborated to produce this analysis on Brazil's current political situation.

Migration to the north: a season of hope and death

Meron Semedar writes his thoughts on the recent tragedies in the Mediterranean Sea, and tells us what should be done about it.

Rich but unequal: analysing UNICEF's Innocenti Report Card

Felicity Foster discusses the outcomes of the UNICEF Conference on Promoting Equality for Children.

14 years in prison. His crime? One article.

Due to Eritrea's low levels of press freedom, Ambassador Vanessa Berhe's uncle has been detained for the past 14 years. She needs your help. 

Despite hurdles, Arab women are creating their own opportunities