The challenge of being gay in Belize

Ambassador Kevin Mendez leads the fight for LGBT rights and HIV prevention in his home country, Belize.

Why the mental health system really needs to innovate

Alicia Raimundo calls on leaders attending the World Economic Forum to invest in mental health as part of a responsible approach to leadership.

Access to essential medicines

Post-Conflict Misery: 25 Years of Internal Displacement in Georgia

From “data exhaust” to “data-driven”: how can we use Big Data for Social Good?

Getting Youth Involved in Health Policy

Alicia Raimundo discusses the importance of youth engagement in shaping the healthcare policies.

To Repel is to Protect

Can mosquito repellent mitigate the spread of deadly viruses? John van Bockxmeer its merits and challenges.

How Leroy Mwasaru is addressing challenges facing African businesses

Leroy Mwasaru discusses his thoughts on the future of African business and his work as a founder of Greenpact.

Can we win the war on bacteria?

Alia Hashim discusses the dangers of the post-antibiotic era and the future of medicine. 

EU Referendum: Setting our sails

Ambassador Indy Hothi reacts to the results of the EU Referendum with a forward-looking strategy.