One Young World Summit

From Nairobi to Tucson: A journey to the One Young World Environment Summit

Indy Hothi shares 10 ways to make a difference

Indy Hothi set out the ten things he believes young business professionals should consider when setting out to make the world a better place.

Protecting Indigenous Communities is Environmentalism

Delegate Speaker Anna Hohag writes on where environmental justice and social justice intersect.

We are young people and we will solve climate change

Today's young people will solve climate change. Delegate Speaker Gina Fiorile shares her thoughts on why young people are so powerful when it comes to environmental challenges.

Relationships Built to Cultivate Change

Delegate Speaker Geoff Bishop discusses sustainable growth in communities.

Ambassador invites peers to join Commonwealth Youth Council

Angelique Pouponneau invites Ambassadors from the Commonwealth to join a pan-Commonwealth youth network.

What can you expect of Ottawa as this year's Host City?

One Young World Ambassador Katie Dolan extends Canadian hospitality and tells us what to expect from the city at this year's Summit.

Painting Hope

Hannah Thomas portrays her experience working with children living in refugee camps and inspiring them to use paintings as a form of expression. 

The future cities of Africa

Rut Einarsdottir addresses the importance of urban development in the face of major population growth.

The One Young World Flag Ceremony is important. Here’s why.

Ambassador Harry Davies delves into the importance of the One Young World tradition.