“I sometimes forget what I felt throughout my OYW experience. This is why the OYW community is so important.”

Misato Nagakawa: “We are trying to leave our footprint in history, much like our past OYW Ambassadors have. In order for us to do so, we need someone to believe in us, and the...read more

The social impact movement spreading across Silicon Valley

Zanoon Nissar, Google: “Today we have more than 700 members across the Bay Area in California and they are changing their own lives as well as those of thousands of others.”...read more

OYW Ambassador's LGBTI documentary receives support from Timor Leste's Prime Minister & Catholic community

Natalino Guterres, responsible for bringing the country's LGBTI movement to life, tells us about his new documentary, The Road to Acceptance.

Today, the Good Friday Agreement turns 20: discover the Conference setting a new tone for peacebuilding

OYW Ambassador Conor Houston tells us how Peace and Beyond can help Belfast establish itself as a global centre...read more

Facing violent oppression, Afghan women fight back with the pen and the Internet

Led by OYW Ambassador Noorjahan Akbar, a group of women writers are determined not to allow the endemic violence in Afghanistan to be passed on to future generations.

"I lost my father to gun violence" - A personal take ahead of March for our Lives

Ahead of March for our Lives, OYW Ambassador Abraham M. Keita shares why America must listen to its young people. 

It's Anti-Racism Week in South Africa - are we any closer to ending it?

OYW Ambassador Shakira Choonara: "Over twenty years later, why are we accepting clear and evident discrimination?"

Meet one of Brunei's youngest parliamentarians

7 years ago at the OYW Summit in Zurich, Iswandy Ahmad won a standing ovation for his speech on raising awareness of HIV & AIDS. Today he is a member of the Legi...read more