Refugee Crisis

Post-Conflict Misery: 25 Years of Internal Displacement in Georgia

Swedish Ambassador Wins Prestigious Film Award

One Young World Ambassador Begonia Randhav takes home an award for her powerful film, Vägen hem / The way home.

Painting the Portraits of Refugees

One Young World Ambassador, Hannah Rose Thomas, discusses her time spent in refugee camps and the personal stories which influenced her work.

Orlando, Jo Cox, Istanbul: What young people must do to move forward

Ambassador Arizza Nocum calls for a collaborative way forward in the wake of the past month's violent events.

EU Referendum: Setting our sails

Ambassador Indy Hothi reacts to the results of the EU Referendum with a forward-looking strategy. 

One Young World London - Impossible to Ignore on World Refugee Day

One Young World Coordinating Ambassador Charlie Oliver discusses a community collaboration to mark World Refugee Day.

Turkey: World’s biggest refugee country

Burak Kocamis analyses Turkey's role in the refugee crisis facing the world today. 

UN Commission Declares Eritrea's Officials Committed Crimes Against Humanity Since 1991

Meron Semedar takes a look at the crimes against humanity recorded in the UN Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea's second report.

Migration to the north: a season of hope and death

Meron Semedar writes his thoughts on the recent tragedies in the Mediterranean Sea, and tells us what should be done about it.

What can you expect of Ottawa as this year's Host City?

One Young World Ambassador Katie Dolan extends Canadian hospitality and tells us what to expect from the city at this year's Summit.