Refugee Crisis

Painting Hope

Hannah Thomas portrays her experience working with children living in refugee camps and inspiring them to use paintings as a form of expression. 

Where do #IBELONG?

Valeriia Cherednichenko shares the stories of stateless persons around the globe and discusses the hardships they face each day.

Humans of the Calais Jungle

Artist Hannah Rose Thomas has organised art projects with refugees for UNHCR and details her experience in the Calais Jungle.

Time to face facts about refugees

Ambassador Meron Semedar makes the argument that protecting the lives of refugees benefits global security.

Slum Dwellers: Unwanted in Bangladesh

Tanjila Drishti writes on the recent eviction of the Kollyanpur slum in Dhaka city and how she was on the front lines of rescue efforts. 

I am not illegal, I am not a crime – I am a refugee

Taffan Taha describes how the open arms of EU became barbed wires.

My Life in Syria

"Syrians are good people. My country is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. This country and its people deserve better."

Digital solutions for the refugee crisis

Alex addresses the refugee crisis & its responses


Despite hurdles, Arab women are creating their own opportunities