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The Power of Education

The International Day of Peace 2013: Guyana's Call to Action

Kaierouann Imarah Radix, on the Day of Peace event she organized in Guyana. more

International Day of Peace 2013: Call to Action

Inspired by the action and dedication of everyone associated with One Young World, I urge you to take action on September 21 for Peace Day and create change. more

A Shared Plan To Tackle Youth Unemployment

Delegate Charlie Oliver on what needs to be done to tackle youth unememployment. more

What can we learn about the Australian election through social data?

Ambassador Chris Eigeland on the upcoming Australian election and the social data analysis behind it. more

Migration in search of freedom

"Once you embark on the journey of being an immigrant, you soon learn your life is on a tough more

Civil liberties under threat on the streets and online in Uganda

One Young World Ambassador Maureen Agena on Uganda’s controversial Public Order Management Bill and planned regulation of social networks.

A Nation Of Young People

Barclays Mentoring and Support for Social Enterprises

UK Ambassador Alex Safavi on the collaboration between Barclays Ambassadors and School for Startups to support social entrepreneurs. more

Mandela Day 2013

South African Ambassador, Jon Ratcliffe on his inspiration to do something on Mandela Day. more