Thought leadership

The Cultural Retrospective Of An Idealist

Swazi Ambassador, Noni Hlophe on her heritage and experience taking over the One Young World Twitter account in honour of World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue more

The Beauty Of Cultural Diversity

Nigerian Ambassador, Ajarat Bada tells us why cultural diversity is important to her. more

10 Year Old Daniel Ryan Has Never Been To School, And Probably Never Will

Australian Ambassador, Dan Ryan tells us why cultural diversity is important to him. more

Can-Did: The Cancer Support Network

Bulgarian Ambassador, Jeny Rasheva on founding the cancer support network, Can-Did. more

Social Media for Change: An enriching journey of collaboration to change the world

Ecuadorian Ambassador, Francisco Pancho Abad on creating his Social Business “Social Media for Change (SM4CH)” more

Why We Need A Food Revolution

Ambassador from the United States, Erin Ponsonby on her inspiration to join the Food Revolution more

Join The Revolution, The Food Revolution

Marit Ernesti, Ambassador from the United States, and international tax manager at KPMG, explains how she’s joining the Food Revolution. more

The Kofi Annan Dialogues: Live – Seizing The Opportunity

Ambassador from Belize, Alberto Matus on his experience taking part in one of the Kofi Annan Dialogues: Live pilots. more

The Inspiration Behind The Change Mind, Change Future Organisation

Kenyan Ambassador, Calvin Jodisi on founding his organisation Change Mind, Change Future. more

Invest in the Future: Defeat Malaria

Ambassador from Nigeria, Isaiah Owolabi on what we should do to fight malaria. more