A little encouragement can change a child’s life

Every child embodies a wealth of talents, even from the least privileged rural regions. They just need the right guidance to achieve full potential.

The Indian Tamils of Sri Lanka—150 years of slavery, resilience, and hope for a brighter future

OYW Ambassador HL Ananda Piyankara, writes about the difficulties faced by Indian Tamils in Sri Lanka.

All for One and One for All: Lessons of Inclusion and Participation for Youth in SDGs

Student Mental Health and Wellbeing

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Can you assign a value to knowledge? Leading thinkers, dignitaries and entrepreneurs share personal messages on key matters surrounding the power of education.

Tackling corruption and demanding transparency across Latin America

OYW Ambassador David Riveros García shares the story of his anti-corruption NGO, reAcción.

Meet Rio’s rising star - the 24 year old Brazilian running for office

Renan Ferreirinha Carneiro has announced that he is running for State Deputy in Rio de Janeiro.

Challenges & Opportunities of ICTs in Education: A Case-Study of Malawi