SOHOUTOU Initiative

John Gbenagnon

John founded the SOHOUTOU Initiative to encourage civic engagement and social inclusion for young people, with a focus on improving female representation in political arenas. The SOHOUTOU Initiative does this through a series of workshops where women are encouraged to run for office.  Women are underrepresented in politics in Benin with only 7% of legislators being women in 2017a. The workshops strive to train young women in leadership by widening their horizons and demonstrating the potential impact they could have as lawmakers and civil society leaders. The SOHOUTOU Initiative also has a blog about peace and social inclusion with over 1,600 subscribers featuring content published by a team of contributors.

John also campaigns for women's rights in a variety of contexts including his role at FEMNET where he serves as the Social Media Expert and Consultant on Gender Affairs and his work as the Communications Officer for the All for Gender campaign to promote gender equality and women's rights in government.


Last updated: 1 April 2018

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